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Trump – The Interview Everyone Should See

What do you think about Trump?

Ted Cruz for President


“…He made the stars also.”

On an average night away from city lights, if you know where to look, you can see a faint smudge with the naked eye! That smudge is the Andromeda Galaxy. It is 2.3 million lightyears away and is the most distant thing you can see with the naked eye!

Let me take a moment and explain what 2.3 million light years actually means! It’s hard sometimes to really get a feel for the vast distances in space because our brains just can’t handle the large numbers! One lightyear is the distance that light travels in one year! Not too complicated right? Okay, so when you do the math, it takes 2.3 million years to travel between the Andromeda Galaxy and our own galaxy at the speed of light. That works out to be around 13,520,549,600,000,000,000 miles! Okay, maybe you’re still not picturing it! If we scale down so that one lightyear equals on millimeter, then the distance is 2.3 million mm or 1.43 miles. That’s definitely a more manageable scale right? Well, not really! Now our own galaxy would be about 100,000 mm in diameter (328 ft) and we would have to use a microscope if we wanted to get a view of our solar system – which would be slightly smaller than an E. coli bacterium! Have I sufficiently described the scale of things for you?

Hopefully, for those of you not as inclined toward these things, I have given you a better idea of how incredible this latest picture of the Andromeda Galaxy really is!  It’s the sharpest, and largest, image of the Andromeda Galaxy that has ever been taken!

Here is the section of the galaxy that NASA imaged. Visit to view the actual image!



Friday Night Pizza

We’ve been making pizza every Friday night for well over ten years now! I’ve finally gotten around to doing a blog about it! To avoid giving away any of our pizza-making secrets, 😉 I have mostly just included pictures of the pizza-making process and some stats from our pizza-making years! Enjoy!

Here are some stats about our pizza tradition that I found interesting! We’ve made roughly 3,000 pizzas over the years and I’ve personally made and eaten over 520! Along with our pizza we almost always each drink a 12 oz. can of Dr. Pepper. That adds up to around 240 gallons! I’ve put over 30,000 pepperonis on my pizzas over the years. We’ve made roughly 2,000 lbs of pizza dough and used around 1,000 lbs of mozzarella cheese! Remarkably, I still only weigh 157 lbs!


I really like Ted Cruz!

Here’s a link from Fox News I thought everyone should read!


Happy New Year!